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Which brands can combine classic and modern style with class and taste?

There is a certain classic style that never gets old, but it keeps coming back in people’s home décor with reinterpretations and modern elements. Modern and classic can go hand in hand, when class and elegance are there to combine them. Let’s take a look at the the brands that were able to balance this mix.

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What is more classic than a Chesterfield style sofa? This particular type of leather and fabric couches has been around since 1800, when this quilted decoration was extremely popular in Great Britain’s upper class. Esprit Nouveau has created a Chesterfield line of sofas that adds to this style a modern touch, by making it simpler, neater and smooth.


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Baccarat is a French city renowned all over the world for the manufacturing of crystal glass. The company that has the same name has become a symbol of luxury crystal craftsmanship since 1764, specializing in light designs. Such an ancient art that has furnished all kinds of home in the past centuries, from noble, to monarchs, to the contemporary upper class, found ways to always look new and appealing. Even today, Baccarat designs stunning illumination pieces, that combine the timeless beauty of crystal and the chic taste of our time.

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We all know the demask decoration: mostly used for fabrics and textiles, it reproduces the stylized floral shapes, creating dense beautiful patterns. The Italian brand Riflessi used the demask pattern to decorate an original wooden cabinet. The floral decoration is enlarged, magnified, the white color makes the furniture piece delicate and elegant.

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Damask decoration has always been very popular for wallpapers and tapestry too. There is an Italian company who reinvented the concept of this ancient floral pattern, and turned it into something much more sophisticated and discrete. Romany Creations produces eco-friendly tapestry with natural fibers, and designs the decorations aiming to reach the perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary taste.


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Since we are talking about fabrics and textiles, we can’t avoid mentioning carpets. Rugs are a very important part of the interiors decoration: they make the environment more warm and familiar, they can add personality to a room. The classic drawings and patterns of middle-eastern carpets can be reinvented, in the same way that the wool of old rugs can be recycled. Sitap uses the wool of old Turkish kilim, a very thin and fine type of carpet, and brings them to a new life: old and new mixed in the materials and in the decorative style.


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