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A living room with a French touch, by Halo design

A living room with a French touch, by Halo design

There is something about French style that makes it simply irresistible. When it comes to furniture and home décor, that is true more than ever. Halo is one the brands that can sum up the French touch in furniture best.

Established in 1976, this company has found innovative ways to interpret the classical French style in furniture. Halo takes inspiration from the iconic designs that are now part of history, and adds a personal touch to them, with elegance and originality. 

A wonderful example of this brand’s philosophy is the Mars armchair. Halo doesn’t only get inspiration from furniture creatives of the past, but any type of design and art. This chair is inspired by the 1938 Atlantic Coupe by Bugatti. The iconic and futuristic model of car by the renowned Italian brand returns with an addition of French style in the armchair by Halo.

The beauty and elegance of the design are fundamental for Halo, but the quality has a vital importance too. This French brands maintains high standards for the choice of materials, and monitors the production of each furniture piece at every stage, to provide you with the best product.

Take a look at more original design by Halo here.

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