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Classical and graceful baroque style creates an atmosphere of waltz performance scene

Classical and graceful baroque style creates an atmosphere of waltz performance scene

Classical and graceful baroque style creates an atmosphere of waltz performance scene.

Vittorio Zanaboni';s furniture is characterized by an artisan craftsmanship and high demands of the traditional handwork to the quality and to the finest details of the products. The company profoundly reveres the traditional classical furniture canons and doesn’t let itself go astray from the initial path of the authentic traditional furniture manufacturing.


Vittorio Zanaboni top-grade furniture brand throughout many centuries has been perfecting its manufacturing skills and has the Baroque style at its fingertips. Being a renowned producer of a superior luxurious furniture, Vittorio Zanaboni sets off constantly a strong response at the famous design and furniture exhibitions in Italy and worldwide, which is considered to embody a canonical standard of Baroque extravagant style.


In the Baroque epoch emerged lots of notable grand residences, like Cesano Maderno Palace as well as Berne Palace. Berne is an ancient Swiss city, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kramgasse merchant street is situated in the center of Berne, it is one of the most important streets of the ancient city at the Middle Ages. Until the 19th century it had been a center of the city life. In today's time, it is a busy shopping street of the city. Along the street, there are continuous baroque facades that create the most impressive street scene of Berne city. The 49 building of the Kramgasse merchant street is a former residence of Einstein. The carpenters of that period developed their personal special skills and mastered exquisite decorations for the furniture of those Palaces.


The guarantee of a refined form, functionality and comfort ensures an excellent quality of furniture. The company applies the best quality materials, classical hand engraving compositions and traditional mortise joint assembling technique. Its unique weaving technology, the use of molds and patterns in combination with exquisite materials and flawless leather cutting produce a perfect result. Zanaboni’s unbeaten tradition will definitely continue its bright and sparkling future.



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