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Top of the line kitchen chimneys for all tastes

Top of the line kitchen chimneys for all tastes

Every kitchen needs a chimney: to suck in all the smells and the smokes while you cook. It is important to have a performing and good quality one, especially if you have an open plan kitchen, that is not separated from other rooms by a wall.

When it comes to style, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want your chimney to match the rest of your kitchen furniture, or if you want to create a contrast between the décor elements. If you are more inclined towards the first option, Euromobil will have what you are looking for. Modern design kitchens, with natural colors, neat lines, that feature performing chimneys that also function as illumination.

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If it is important to you that the kitchen chimney features light design, this high end model by Varenna is the right one for you. An L-shaped kitchen, with a beautifully designed chimney hanging from the ceiling, ideally separating the spaces of the open plan room.

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If you are really into contemporary design, modern style and eccentric models, this chimney by Menson’s is definitely the right one for you. A shiny metal geometrical shape, surrounded by a bigger glass cube: original and modern, classy and functional. The glass part will prevent any odor or smoke to leave the kitchen area, so that the chimney can collect and suck it all in.

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