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Essential bathroom accessories: details that make the difference

Essential bathroom accessories: details that make the difference

When it comes to bathrooms, little details and accessories are just as important as the rest of the furniture: nothing must be neglected.

An item that is essential to every bathroom is the mirror. This object is not only needed for practical purposes, but it can also become an important part of the interior decoration. Arca is a fine Italian brand specialized in bathroom furniture. Arca’s deisgners are able to create mirrors and accessories of a delicate simplicity, a tasteful elegance, with tiny little details that make them unforgettable.

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Every bathroom needs towel racks, and they must be carefully selected, for they can truly make the difference and enhance the whole room’s décor. If you are into modern design, choose a metal towel rack, with a simple and minimalist shape. IBB Italia is one of the leader companies in the bathroom accessories field. Their products meet high quality standards and are designed following trends and tendencies.

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A bathroom is a humid space, often cold and chilly, but we all want to feel comfortable there. Why should we choose a trivial heater for our bathroom? Caleido is a renowned brand, specialized in designing original radiators with unique shapes and eccentric styles. This fine Italian company will provide you with high end radiators, to make your bathroom comfortable and exclusive.


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