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The trendiest coffee tables for your stylish home decor

Coffee tables are an important part of a living room: they mark the social area, they are the spot we gather around with our friends and families, they are a tool to express our taste in design and personality. But what are the trend setter brands for these furniture pieces?

23 November 2017 98 0

Furniture brands from Portugal are getting more renowned every year, after a long period in which they didn’t shine for excellency. Malabar is one of the most famous among contemporary high-end furniture brand in Portugal, and this year it also got to be the trend setter for the design world. Take a look at this unique coffee table, it will create an island of style and taste in your living room.

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The second trend setter arrives from Denmark: it is called Peter Boy Design and it is one of the emergent companies in the northern European furniture field. Their design is very clean and simple, as in the tradition of the Scandinavian design, but it has an undeniable elegance. These twin coffee tables, made with dark solid wood, will charm you with their minimalism and sophisticated style.

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We all know the French touch makes everything elegant, don’t we? As far as furniture goes, that is truer than ever. Since it was founded in 2009, the brand Drugeot Labo never stop creating unique designs and pursuing innovation. This year they managed again to come up with new ideas and create elegant and sophisticated furniture, including this delicate coffee table.

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Tendencies don’t always come from old Europe: sometimes they arrive from far places, unexpectedly. Sp01 is a company based in Australia, whose aim is to design sustainable furniture with a distinctive personality. Their products are stylish, original and unique, and they got renowned all over the world for their special approach to the furniture they create. This tea table made of glass and metal is a must-have for living room decoration: simple, elegant and yet unforgettable.

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