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The best Italian brands for natural stones

The best Italian brands for natural stones

Do you like marble, granite and stone for your flooring and your home décor? Take a look at the top Italian brands, that will provide you with the best products and their vast experience.

When it comes to natural stones, Italian brands have priority over all the other, for a simple reason. We all know that Italy has been the cradle of the Renascence, of the greatest artists and artisans of modern time, whose skills still haven’t met their match. Since those glorious times, sculptures and architects have been looking for the best caves for marble, granite and all the other precious stones they needed for their work.


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Italian brands treasured the knowledge of the past, and put all the experience of the previous centuries in their companies. Quema is one of the most renowned establishments of this kind, specialized in marble stones. Since 1968, the founder Enzo Frassetti and his passionate company team worked constantly to provide their customers with the best product possible, transforming the precious stone in elegant flooring and fine design pieces.


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With more than forty years of experience in the natural stones field, Neolith is a company that gained the trust of the markets and the customers thanks to hard work and strong passion. Marble, granite and precious stones of the best quality will enter your home in style with this high-end Italian brand.


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Agglonord is another one of the top Italian brands for stones manufacturing. This company has been focusing on agglomerates of natural stones, coming up with new technology to create unique product for their clients. Their system guarantees a highly resistant product, that is suitable for just about any environment and use.


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