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A bedroom in grey

Grey is one of the most elegant and sophisticated colors for home décor. In its hundreds of shades and tints, it can be the perfect color for bedroom furniture.

24 November 2017 170 0

The first element to be chose is, needles to say, the bed. A soft and light grey fabric will be perfect for an upholstery bed, an elegant headboard will be a nice supplement to the design. Look at this stylish example by Coco-Mat: the Erato model is a harmonious combination of oak wood and fine fabric, its delicate color is soft and sophisticated.

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Every bedroom needs a wardrobe. The most important characteristics for a closet are good quality, storage space and, of course, design. Furniture by Franco Bianchini will provide with this, and much more. Look at this hard wood wardrobe: the color tint is very unique, and the crossing wood grain makes a gorgeous effect for the design.

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Light design is a fundamental element of a bedroom too, for it can enhance the whole décor and exalt the beauty and style of the surrounding furniture. if you want the atmosphere to be more suffused and think that a chandelier would be too invasive, choose a floor lamp instead of a ceiling one for your bedroom. This beautiful piece by Artempo will make your room cool and stylish, with its brushed steel material and it futuristic design.

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And what about the door? The entrance of a room is just as important as its interior, especially for a relaxing space such as the bedroom. Sliding doors can be a good solution not only because they make you save a lot of space, but also for they can be much more stylish than regular doors. Look at this dark grey wood model by Linvisibile.

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