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Tips to add a little personality to your bathroom décor

Trends and tendencies are important when it comes to home décor, but how to we integrate our personal style and personality with the decoration? here we give you some tips on how to do it in your bathroom.

28 November 2017 151 0

It can be tricky to choose furniture and decoration for a bathroom. As opposed to other rooms of the house, functionality and comfort are even more important, and there are some essential items that the room necessarily need. But don’t worry: it is possible to add your unique touch to it, and express your personality through your bathroom décor.


Who said sanitary ware has to look the same everywhere? A modern design can transform them into stylish décor pieces. Look at these examples by the renowned Italian brand Valdama: sanitary ware that combines the high quality of the materials and the contemporary appeal of Made in Italy design.


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The most important decision you have to make for every bathroom: bathtub or shower? Well, the good news is you don’t really have to choose, since there are solutions easy to actuate even if you don’t have a lot of space to use. A comfortable bathtub doesn’t have to be extra roomy to welcome in a cozy warm bath, and geometric designs will help you choose an appealing shape. Place your tub against the wall, and install a walk-in shower next to it, like in this bathroom by Teknobili: it is an innovative and modern solutions that will add style to the interior and save you some space.

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In a room with such particular characteristics such as the bathroom, we must choose carefully how to cover the walls. Tiles are the most common options, since they are resistant to humidity and easily to clean and maintain. Ceramic tiles are a good choice also because they can disguise themselves with any type of look: wood, bricks, et cetera. Tiles also allow you to choose among an infinite number of decorative patterns, such as this unique one by Senio Ceramiche.

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A bathroom is a humid space, often cold and chilly, but we all want to feel comfortable there. Why should we choose a trivial heater for our bathroom? Antrax is a renowned brand, specialized in designing original radiators with unique shapes and eccentric styles. This fine Italian company will provide you with high end radiators, to make your bathroom comfortable and exclusive.


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