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Poltrona Frau brings luxury at high altitude with Alitalia

Poltrona Frau brings luxury at high altitude with Alitalia

Poltrona Frau and the airline company Alitalia started a collaboration for the comfort and well being of all the business class flyers.

Since 1912, Poltrona Frau is synonym with luxury, high quality and comfort. The elegance of this fine Italian brand lately reached high latitudes and created a line of products specifically for the business class of Alitalia intercontinental airplanes.


The exclusive design of the business class armchairs features the well known fine leather Pelle Frau in contrasting colors: beige and black. The classy elegance of these seats, which recalls the interior of luxury sports cars, has been chosen to enhance the perception of superior quality and elegance: just what it takes in the high-end section of a plane.


The commitment in the aeronautical sector of Poltrona Frau started back in 1990, when the first collaboration with Alitalia had this fine brand designing the fist class chairs for the planes of that decade. But Alitalia was not the only company who wanted Poltrona Frau’s armchairs on their aircrafts: some of the most prestigious aeronautical partnerships include Singapore Airlines, Etihad and many others.


Poltrona Frau's major strength lies in the ability to work with the customer with a co-design approach, to meet different demands and create an experience of luxury, elegance and comfort. That is why this company was also chosen to be in charge of the design for the first two Casa Alitalia airport lounges.


These projects involve two exclusive waiting rooms, respectively located in the Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino airports. These waiting areas which been completely renovated, offering new services to the customers and aiming to offer travelers a completely new concept of hospitality and relax, thanks to the Made in Italy excellency of Poltrona Frau and Alitalia.


The special Poltrona Frau collection for Casa Alitalia has been designer by the architect Marco Piva, who successfully collaborated with the brand for many projects, including the decoration of luxury hotel longes.

Find out more about Poltrona Frau here.

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