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Match your personality with the light design in your home décor

Match your personality with the light design in your home décor

Are you an eccentric person? Do you have a more tamed personality? Or are you somebody that cares a lot about the environment? Choose a light design that can resemble you and your lifestyle in the best way possible.

Classic design is timeless and ageless, even when it comes to light design. The beautiful table lamps with leaded glass decorations reminds us of a past time, and can add to any room a touch of luxury and elegance. A classic light design piece will suit perfectly in a luxurious and graceful interior, but will also make an astonishing contrast supplement to a contemporary home décor, like this one by Art Glass Studio.

Look at more leaded glass illumination by Art Glass Studio here.

But a classic is not necessarily something from an old time: last century was one of the most active in the creative design field. Mid century modernism is an innovative style that got to be popular after the second world war, following the enthusiasm of the reborn Europe. Oblure is a French brand that tried to transfer the spirit of those years into contemporary designs, like this retro ceiling light. 


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If your personality makes you always look towards the future and you like to live a dynamic and intense life, a modern design created with innovative techniques will be the perfect choice for your light pieces. Ceiling lamps like space ships and futuristic design light designs will add an appealing touch to your interiors, making them match with your natural dispositions. Look at these astonishing screen printed lamps by the Israeli brand Mikabarr: a dreamy and elegant design, produced with an advance new technology.

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For those who care about the environment, it is important to choose eco-friendly furniture and green home décor items. Migaloo Home is a Polish brand that pursues a 100% ecologic furniture production, aiming to create appealing furniture with a contemporary charm to it. This unique ceiling lamp has the main middle part made of solid cork, a natural material obtained by trees.

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If you are among those who can’t help following the latest trends and the newest tendencies, you will fall in love with this illumination by CVL Luminaires. The asymmetrical shapes and the industrial-chic appeal of this light design will charm you immediately.


Find out more about CVL Luminaired light design here.

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