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Classic in white: high-end furniture for your classic interior decoration

Light tints are the classiest colors when it comes to furniture. If combined with a classic style, they will make the most beautiful home decor for your house. Here are the brands we selected for your elegant and classic interiors.

29 November 2017 181 0

It is a fine craftsmanship that guides the design of Ceppi Style, a delicate peculiarity in its elegance - of materials and stylistic charm - that draws its style furniture. The ideal representation of classic luxury now conjugates to a more contemporary taste. This astonishing living room set features the finest leather with the classy Chesterfield style decoration, all in white of course. 

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If you think that classic style needs to be more opulent and rich to really look elegant, take a look at this beautiful sofa by Armando Rho. The luxurious damask velvet, the decorative tassels, the delicate light tints will make it perfect for your classic interior decoration.


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A company's know-how, its ability to combine functionality and beauty, are fundamental characteristics, especially when it comes to classic design. Ameli is an Italian brand that has perfected the finest craftsmanship ability over the years, always maintaining high standards for the choice of the raw materials. This sophisticated bed is an example of their flawless style and classic design.

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The kitchen is an important space in a house: a lot of time in spent in it, sharing family moments and creating new memories every day. A classic style kitchen can be just as functional as a modern one, when it is designed by a high end brand. Look at this astonishing kitchen furniture by Fratelli Pistolesi: the delicate color white has some golden details that add a nice contrast and a luxury vice to the style. 

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