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Bathroom decoration? Think pink!

Pink is the top color for bathroom furniture and decoration this year. Here we will show some brands and ideas to get inspiration from. Just keep one rule in mind: think pink!

29 November 2017 168 0

Pink is a delicate and elegant color, yet it can be very vibrant and energetic in some of its shades. It is not only the favorite color of the fairer sex, but also the trendiest tint for this 2017. Wash basins, bathtubs and cabinets can feature the color pink with many different materials and shades: let us take a look at them.

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If you are more into metallic materials and modern designs, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on this trendy color. Choose a model that allows to play with transparencies and different shades of pink, creating a design that features appealing contrasts to make it more interesting. Combine metal glow pink, glass and porcelain: the effect will be very stylish.

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For those who are all about minimalist design, a darker shade of pink will be more suitable. A tint more similar to purple or prone will be the perfect color for a simple design wash basin: the deep color will exalt the appeal of the design and enhance the modernity of the shape.


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The color pink also immediately suggests a romantic atmosphere, so why not try to transfer it in the furniture design of our bathrooms too? A blush pink shade of pink, tending towards a darker and deeper color, will be perfect for a classic style basin, with a solid wood structure.

But what would a bathroom be without a bathtub? Treat yourself with a retro style model, adding your personal touch by choosing your favorite shade of pink. This bathtub will welcome you in a warm embrace of comfort, with a stylish design and a trendy color.

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