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What are the most popular chair designs in Europe this month?

The ultimate top 5 chart for the chairs and seats that were appreciated the most in European countries during November 2017.

30 November 2017 297 0

Number 5: Autoban.

Are you surprised to find Portugal in this chart? In the recent years Portuguese furniture designers have been gaining the trusts of the market and working hard to meet high end customers tastes. This appealing chair, with a modern asymmetrical design, in only one of the examples of the fine skills of Autoban’s designers.

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Number 4: Midj.

The fourth spot in our chart is occupied by the most comfortable lounge chair you will ever see. This design by the Italian brand Midj has an upholstery seat that will welcome you in a cozy hug, that will make you want to seat on it forever. The chair is available in leather, eco leather or fabric, customizable to your tastes.

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Number 3: Alma De Luce.

Here we go with Portugal again. This unique armchair can make your home décor truly one of a kind: the high quality leather covers a solid chair that will satisfy your need of comfort and style. The back of the seat almost looks like a sophisticated fan, very sophisticated and delicate.

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Number 2: Da A.

This eccentric and unconventional armchair takes the second place in our chart for November 2017. The Italian brand Da A made sure to create a design that has no equal. This chaise longue seems to be made of psychedelic circles, swallowing you up in a vortex of comfort and appeal.

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Number 1: Poliform.

This is the most popular chair for this month, and probably for many others to come. This irresistible design is signed by Poliform, one of the most famous furniture brand all over the world. The sinuous lines, the ergonomic shape, the high quality materials, the functionality: everything about this armchair is absolutely perfect.   

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