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What are the most eccentric light designs for this 2017?

It is December and this year 2017 is coming to an end too. What were the most original, unconventional and eccentric light designs during these twelve months? Let’s find out!

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The most innovative and original brand for this year was Dreamlux, no doubts about it. This company has been around for over 60 years, specializing in textiles and embroidery, always being able to reinvent itself and renovate its designs. Its designers recently focused on optical fibers, illuminating fabrics and glowing materials. Their technological research allowed designers to create amazing decoration items, that combine light design with other furniture pieces.

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A successful tendency for this past 2017 was creating designs inspired by the nature world. Morosini is a brand that focused a lot on this concept, and created all kinds of light designs that are nature-inspired. This chandelier, for instance, is called Rametto, which means little branch: its design truly reminds of a beautiful tree, the materials and the golden color make it really classy and cool.

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Industrial-chic style was also among the trendiest tendency of this year. Intueri Light designed some lights that combine this vibe with a retro style. Brass and copper feture sinuous lines and nostalgic designs, for illumination that will add a unique touch to your home décor.

Find out more about Intueri Light here.

Applique lights are very popular now: they are very discrete, since they usually don’t take up much space, but their design can make the whole interior more classy and stylish. This is a beautiful example by Tre Ci Luce: the design has a futuristic appeal, it almost looks like an object from the outer space, with its concentric circles and the cold green color. 

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