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Minotti:  The combination of Passion and Sense

Minotti: The combination of Passion and Sense

It represents a unique design, elegant, discerning and fashionable. Every detail is accomplished and is in tune with an overall design of the product.

Italian brand furniture Minotti has a history of 60 years.  Compared to other brands, Minotti represents a unique design, elegant, discerning and fashionable. The biggest feature of Minotti is the use of cotton fabric and leather as main materials for the production of chairs, bedroom furniture, carpets and bedspreads.


The selection of fabrics is the main strength of Minotti furnitures and also taking care of the basic quality conditions.  Minotti's tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and the pursuit of high quality and unique design makes Minotti famous worldwide.

Minotti pays close attention to the raw materials of the leather and burlap. Minotti uses modern technology to polish leather. A careful revision of each and every detail embodies the overall creativity of the brand.

Since opening the first flagship store in Germany and every time before manufacturing a new product Minotti studies modern tendencies in design all over the world, strives to perfect integration with the local culture and design a comfortable and contemporary furniture.

Application of pure colors and respect for the natural character of the product.


Calm and soft colors of Minotti’s furniture brought quiet and harmonious home experience.

Minotti has become a model of elegance and unique design in the furniture manufacturing sector. Special features of the brand gave new products a unique value making it necessary for consumers.

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