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A kitchen in white

A kitchen in white

White is one of the best colors when it comes to home décor: not only it is elegant, sophisticated and classy, but it makes the interiors look bigger and more relaxing. Let us take a look at some kitchen design that feature the most delicate of colors.

The Saturnia Palace kitchen features an elegant shade of pearl white. The style of the design resembles the general personality of the Officine Gullo brand: a sophisticated retro style inspired by the Fifties and Seventies furniture. the combination of this unique design with the delicate color white makes this kitchen a masterpiece of elegance.

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The color white is a perfect match with classic style, especially in kitchens. Rampoldi Kitchen is one of the most renowned Italian brands that designs and creates astonishing classic kitchen of timeless beauty. This model features the color white with a country-chic kitchen, that can immediately transmit a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


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The color white is also flattering when combine with a minimalist design. Ernestomeda is a brand renown for the simplicity of the shapes and the elegance of the design. This kitchen is a beautiful example of the beauty of a white lacquer tint, of the classy look of a modern taste kitchen.

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