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Let’s redecorate! Original ideas for an eccentric living room

The new year is around the corner, so we all need something symbolic to make a brand new start out of it. Here we give you some ideas to redecorate your living room with style, originality and a touch of eccentricity.

06 December 2017 195 0

Let’s start from the walls. You don’t need to change the color and covering of them all: redecorating only one of the walls of your living room will be enough, especially if you choose a strong design. These wall tiles by Bussoga, for example, has a very eccentric pattern that reminds of Mexican atmosphere. Definitely original, and very stylish: covering one of your living room walls with these ceramics will definitely make it unique.

Look at more decorated ceramic tiles by Bussoga here.

Walls define the personality of a room in a strong way, but the objects that mark the function of a space are definitely the most important. When it comes to the living room, the sofa is undeniably the protagonist. The Baba couch by Jot.Jot is an ergonomic combination sofa that is supposed to embrace your body to provide the maximum comfort. Its eccentric design will make it the focus point of your home décor.

Check out more furniture by Jot.Jot here.

If you that soft lines design is not eccentric enough for you, here is something that will meet your taste. The Mexican brand Polart is specialized in reinterpreting the most classic furniture styles and transforming them into contemporary design creations. 

Find out more about Polart here.

Since we selected such a strong wall decoration and some eccentric sofas, we might want to select something more minimalist for the rest of the interior design. But don’t worry: simple does not absolutely mean boring. Look at this light design by the Israeli brand Yoav Shavit Studio. This ceiling lamp is called Manta, because that is the sea animal that inspired its shape: sinuous lines and minimalism for a unique illumination piece.

Take a look at more creations by Yoav Shavit Studio here.

To match with the natural wood look of the light design, you could choose a coffee table that has the same style. This is a beautiful example by Etienne Design. The Charlotte coffee table combines stainless steel legs with natural stone, treated to look like a piece of oak wood. Its raw and industrial-chic design will be perfect to along with the rest of your original interior design.


Find out more about Etienne Design here.

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