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The future is here with office furniture by IVM

The future is here with office furniture by IVM

Smart desks, high technology accessories, innovative designs: IVM brings into your office the furniture of the future.

Imagine a desk that knows your habits, that can be set according to your daily routine; imagine a soundproof conference room, that memorize the schedule od the whole office day by day; all of this is reality now, with IVM.

Since the beginning of its history, IVM worked hard to be innovative. Always looking towards the future of design, this 100 % made in Italy company always got to be ahead of its time, keeping up to date with the latest technologies, the newest materials, collaborating with the best designers.

The lines are signed by the best designers, which combine their personal style and personality with the well known essential and functional IVM style. Funny Sat has the signature of Stefano Bigi, an Italian designer who added a French taste to its original style. His pieces for IVM remind of bright colored cocoons: neat lines encircling the body with orange and green combined with white. These pieces are meant to stimulate creativity, reduce stress. Adaptable desks, comfortable chairs to make the working space functional and practical, and a new interactive technology. Smart Furniture System is the future of office supplies: furniture is provided with digital interactive features that can be managed and updated by a dedicated app.

Icon is the line by Simone Micheli. Bright white, fluid lines and contrast are the features that make Icon unique. Opaque and shiny materials create contrasts in an effortless harmony, the pieces interact with the surrounding space to create an open and stimulating environment in which ideas can spread and grow. The white desks have an elegant appeal and the tall shelving unites highlights the architectural background of the designer. The line that carries the idea of an innovating and multitasking office is Stilo. Technology and furniture interact, improving and influencing each other. The adaptable tables and desks of the Stilo line can change together with the evolving work environment, light and illumination can adapt themselves to the human biorhythm.

Find out more about IVM office furniture here.

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