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How to create the perfect reading corner

How to create the perfect reading corner

All book lovers need a special spot in their house to isolate in their world and enjoy their favorite novels. Let’s take a look at some essential features to create a cozy and comfortable reading corner, with modern style furniture.

Start reading a new book is like leaving for an audacious trip: you may know where you’re starting from, but the destination is still mysterious. Exploring the parallel universe living in each novel is an adventure that needs a comfortable spot to start from: choosing the best chair is just as important as the ability of the book’s author to have the best reading experience. This design by Craft is the perfect combination between comfort and design, coziness and elegance.

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In order to have all of your favorite books just within reach, you can place a little library just next to your comfy reading chair. Look at this original design by Van Roon: eccentric enough to be unique, yet practical and functional.

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If you truly wish to isolate yourself in your book world, it can be a good idea to place a screen around your reading corner, to protect it from the frenetic rhythms of life outside of literature. This design by Editions Milano is extremely delicate and sophisticated, the stained glass adds a romantic touch to the contemporary style of the screen.

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