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Bathroom furniture and accessories by Cerasa: a dream room for your home

Cerasa designs your bathroom tailor-made for your needs and tastes, with custom finishes and unique details, for a "total look" room project.

03 January 2018 190 0

Constantly responding to customers’ needs is Cerasa’s only fundamental rule, not an exception. The extreme customization is reflected in the possibility of choosing, in addition to finishes and colors, the size and shape of the furniture or accessories as well.

Cerasa offers ample compositional and stylistic possibilities not only to exploit in the best way the space and the shape of the room available, but also to satisfy the taste of those who will live in the house. The company from Treviso has developed a rich system of alternatives that range from romantic and minimal visions to vintage and shabby chic. 

Besides the wide range of modular options, the Cerasa production stands out for the possibility of realizing custom-made elements, to meet specific space requirements: great flexibility, therefore, at the service of maximum personalization.

All Cerasa collections can be personalized with accessories and accessories. Luminous bodies (floor, suspended, ceiling and wall), coordinated textiles, shower enclosures (with wall and plate matched to those of the main cabinet), fiberglass wallpapers and much more are part of the project total look born thanks to the collaboration of the Italian architect Paola Marella. Compositions tailor-made to offer maximum comfort and quality by Cerasa.


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