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Custom bookcases by Lema: a real plus to your living room

Custom bookcases by Lema: a real plus to your living room

With the custom-made bookcases, all sorts of problems can be solved: wall recesses, openings, double heights, sloping ceilings ... Every obstacle can be "bypassed", even completely eliminated, opting for a flexible and customizable bookshelf, and Lema is definitely the brand to choose.

In contemporary homes, the function of the different rooms are different from what they used to be: modern lifestyle leads to more flexibility, and that reflects in the way we furnish our home. It is also a common tendency to have more fluids environments, in which spaces are not rigidly divided. Therefore, new families need to mark the division between two rooms without being too invasive. The Selecta bookcases line by Lema feature modern systems conceived as free and flexible: so much more than a simple bookcase, it can become a freestanding dividing partition, a display unit with closed or open compartments.


Selecta, as "architecture for objects and thoughts", is now declined as a refined wall for work or for entertainment, with special rooms dedicated to TV or high-tech equipment, which are inserted in the composition in a discreet and functional way, for a final effect of sophisticated formal neatness. It can be a perfect piece of furniture for the dining area, with elements of different depths that create an appealing visual effect. With an elegant and ductile design, Selecta adapts itself to every type of use and spatial solution, guaranteeing a good solution to the needs of every type of environment.

Useful for displaying and protecting the most precious souvenirs and decorative objects, the Selecta custom-made bookcase in the version with transparent extra light glass hinged doors has a thin anodized aluminum frame bronze. A sophisticated composition that leaves the thin opal glass shelves visible thanks to special sensors that light up when the doors are opened. Further details of the care of every smallest construction detail are the Lema hinges in bronzed metal alloy and the handles embedded in the frame of the showcase.

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