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Fixed or modular sofa? Tips to help you pick out the best solution

Fixed or modular sofa? Tips to help you pick out the best solution

Modular sofas are more common every day: they guarantee maximum flexibility, they adapt to multiple types of surroundings and allow to design and furnish the space creatively. But what about good old fixed sofas? They have their advantages too for example, the smaller dimensions can be more suitable to some rooms, and allow another more classic kind of creativity in the home decoration.

When choosing the sofa, among the many criteria to consider, one wins over all: the space available. That said, there are other considerations to be made. If, for example, you imagine your living room as a conversation spot, the best solution will be to have two sofas facing each other. In this case, a traditionally fixed sofa might work best, maybe with an additional armchair on the side. The New York sofa by Saba Italia is an incredibly elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture. Comfort and time-resistance are guaranteed by a solid wood frame covered with differentiated-density polyurethane foam.

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When there is little space, it is often convenient to opt for compact two-seater models, usually in a fixed version, which have a cool look, despite its small size, often thanks to the essential line and original design. The Kanaha sofa by Ditre Italia is a nice little couch, with essential lines but a unique personality. It has a visible metal frame with bronze finish, armrests upholstered in leather and seat and back cushions in expanded polyurethane and feather fill.


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If you wish your living room to be a meeting place for your numerous families and a party spot for your friends, a modular sofa is the solution that will suit your needs best. If you have a big room to fill up, you will be able to install the modular couch in different ways, changing the disposition according to what you need. The Bonaldo Peanut B sofa is one of the models that allows you more freedom, for it can easily be moved in each of its components to create different shapes and solutions. 

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