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Chairs for your children’s bedrooms

Plastic or wood, colorful or minimalist, chairs for your children's room must be comfortable and colorful, but above all suitable for the style of the room. Let us take a look at some designs that combine functionality and style.

08 January 2018 174 0

It is fundamental that a chair for your kids' bedroom is not only comfortable but also resistant and functional. Gamera by Calligaris is a comfortable and ergonomic chair: the monocoque is made of Nylon loaded with fiberglass. It is stackable and is available in seven colors. You will be able to match it with your kid’s bedroom style perfectly, and it twill add a fun touch to any home decor.


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Mara has created a similar design of chair, with polypropylene seat and a painted metal structure. The bright red lacquer color is perfect for the room of a kid or a teenager, the shape of the seat is ergonomic and functional.


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If your kid’s bedroom has a more minimalist style, the eco-leather for Slim by Riflessi will be a perfect choice. The design is very simple, yet unique and special, with a high backrest that guarantees maximum comfort: the legs are in steel painted in tint with the covering.


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For those who have more traditional taste, the H100 chair by Ferretti e Ferretti will be a fantastic choice. It has a classic line and is made of lacquered wood in pastel colors; the seat is covered in striped fabric, to make the little ones feel like stylish adults already.


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