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Renovate your bathroom with these non-invasive decoration tips

The year 2018 just started: it’s time to renovate! Here we will give some tips on how to renew your bathroom, with some smart ideas that don’t require huge changes.

09 January 2018 176 0

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to renovate the look of a room: simply adding a unique decoration piece could be enough to make you bathroom look like a brand new room. Substituting the mirror, for example, in a minimally invasive change that nonetheless could transform your bathroom in a special place. Look at this delicate mirror by Artelinea: the elegant shape and the sophisticated little decoration on the top make it simple yet very exclusive.

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Hanging a mirror on the wall is not much work, but it can take even less to make your bathroom more comfortable and elegant. Renovate your towel sets and bathrobe, choose the best quality and the softest products, and your everyday time in the bathroom will turn into a spa treatment. The brand Blumarine has been one of the top producers or luxury bathroom towels for over 50 years, always maintaining the highest quality standards. 


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Make a special design element the protagonist of your bathroom, choose something that can be useful and, at the same time, will draw attention to itself. This original chair by Karol stands out for the shape of its structure: a very contemporary design that will make your bathroom decoration truly one of a kind. 

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Another little change you could make to your bathroom décor is installing a new radiator. Nowadays heaters no longer look all alike: they came to be an important design element, combining their function of heating devices with an appealing and modern look. Ridea is an Italian brand among the most renowned for design radiators. Their products are perfect for bathrooms, since they are design to hold ad heat up your towels and cloths.


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Covering your bathroom walls with a stylish wallpaper could be another wonderful idea to renovate the room. using the tapestry on one wall only will be enough: it will give personality to the room, looking like a big beautiful painting and standing out from the rest of the decoration, without having to move the furniture. Colefax and Fowler produces water resistant wallpaper and fabrics, that will add a touch of Victorian Age elegance to your bathroom.


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