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Faustig, the beauty of crystal

Experience luxury and beauty of crystal

05 January 2017 197 0

Crystal is always considered as a luxurious and noble material, yet the Faustig lamps and lanterns showcase luxury and beauty of crystal. The famous brand Faustig was born in Bressanone, a town in northeast town of Varna, and has absorbed the essence of thousand years of history and cultural heritage. Its crystal design lamps represent ancient noble atmosphere and Europe's most prestigious high-end lighting brand.


Faustig represents the most unique forms, the perfect pre-sale and after sale service, and is continuously improving its product's quality and update its design and shape.

This design is ideal to create a magnificent and wealthy atmosphere.


After many years of development, Faustig made an industry miracle in crystal lamps production and won Guinness world record in 2000. World's largest and most complex crystal lamp has been recorded in the Guinness world record.

The structure is made of stainless steel, other metal parts are made of brass and plated with 24 karat gold. Lighting (75W) and 1200 halogen lamps. Staircase and platform are installed inside. The interior is decorated with million of the best Swarovsky crystal.

Faustig takes inspiration from a classic design. The complete planning, supply, production, transportation and installation was made within seven weeks, Faustig accepted the challenge and won it.

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