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Decorate your home with ceramic vases

Ceramic vases are the perfect decoration element to put your signature to the home décor. Choose the one that better expresses your personality and your idea of design and style.

12 January 2018 317 0

When it comes to home décor, details can be as important as the main pieces of furniture. Making the right choices is fundamental to have an impeccable interior decoration style, that can truly say something about yourself. If you are a joyous and lively person, these vases by Richard Ginori will perfectly express your personality: a décor element that is a stamen about how you like to live your life.

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If you have a contemporary taste in design, but prefer minimalism, Imperfetto Lab is the brand that will provide with the perfect decorative vases. This Italian company made of simplicity its key feature, proving that minimalism can also mean uniqueness and beauty when it comes to design.

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Do you feel precious and shiny as a jewel? Your home décor should feel like that too. Look at these astonishing ceramic vases by Cravt, manufactured with an incredible mother-of-pearl effect. This brand from the Netherlands is unmatched in crating delicate ceramic decoration with a unique touch to them.

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If elegance to you is synonym with the baroque style, there is an Italian brand that was able to transfer that tendency into modernity and combine it with contemporary design. The Barocco collection by Crestani Ceramiche includes classy pieces that shows craftsmanship ability and taste id design.


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Wedgwood is the brand for those who think nothing is better than a classic. Born as a ceramic manufacture more than 250 years ago, this British company created thousands of astonishing design pieces of timeless grace. Wedgwood has always been synonym with elegance and beauty.


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