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A luxury apartment complex 100% Fendi Casa, coming soon to Istanbul

A luxury apartment complex 100% Fendi Casa, coming soon to Istanbul

The Buyukyalı Istanbul project is getting ready to become one of the most intriguing buildings in Istanbul, and it will be decorated and furnished entirely by Fendi Casa.

The 17 floors residential building will host 14 apartments of various types and common relax areas, all designed by Fendi Casa. It will be inaugurated by 2019 and is getting ready to be one of the most exclusive and chic buildings in Istanbul.

The Metrogramma architectural firm together with Luxury Living Group, with the partnership of Ozak, first presented the idea for this project in November 2017, sharing this ambitious idea with the world. The final result will be a grandiose building, a residential complex among the most high-class in the world, thanks to the decoration and furniture by Fendi Casa.

The architect Andrea Boschetti - artistic and scientific director of the architecture firm Metrogramma, an international architecture, urban planning and interior design studio with operating companies in Milan, Moscow and New York and offices in London and Dubai - has thought of every detail for this important project on the coasts of the Sea of Marmara.

The new residential area will be located in a strategic position for easy access to all the new transport systems of Istanbul: a characteristic that does nothing but increase the value of the project. There will be a large area dedicated to social moments and shopping, along with play areas and commercial spaces. Part of the project involves the recovery of a series of historic buildings that will be converted to accommodate restaurants, cafes and exhibition spaces.

The complex is developed in an area of 11 hectares and was created with the aim of representing a precise lifestyle model: classy and functional. The project will include apartments and houses of various cuts and concepts, but also a hotel and the "branded residences". Decoration and furniture by Fendi Casa will make each and every one of these areas elegant, unique and unforgettable.

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