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What kind of kitchen are you?

Would you like it if your kitchen reflected your personality? Find out in this article how to create your new kitchen according to you tastes.

17 January 2018 67 0

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It welcomes us with the scent of hot coffee in the morning, and bids us goodnight with a glass of wine in the evening. It is the environment where the family joins or where friends are welcomed, and life is lived. For these reasons it is important that you feel at ease in the kitchen. Today more and more brands decide to offer their customers the possibility to customize the kitchen of their dreams.

For example, with Varenna it is possible to choose from an infinite number of materials and finishes the final look to be given to the kitchen. If you do not like confusion and you are very attentive to details, then you can choose a minimalist and industrial-looking kitchen. The contrast of colors and light shapes give a modern and tidy look to the room.

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If you have particular tastes and want to make your kitchen a unique and welcoming environment, Euromobil kitchens can be a good choice for your home. For example, if you are a sunny person who likes to have fun, you might like the Kubic collection from Euromobil. The warm colors, the smooth shapes and the bright spaces that characterize this collection can be the background of your breakfast-time, allowing you to start the day with joy and brightness. 

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If you are always on the move, you like to take long walks through nature to appreciate its colors and smells, then perhaps you could also appreciate the Minacciolo kitchens, and in particular those belonging to the Natural Skin collection. Minacciolo's Natural Skin kitchens have natural look, but it’s you who decide the type of natural atmosphere. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from multiple types of wood for furniture materials, which will be resistant to heat and water, but will not have a less natural appearance. By touching the surfaces of materials, it is possible to perceive the natural consistency of the wood. The colors give a Nordic look to the kitchen and the feeling is that of being in a Scandinavian home. 

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Today you can express your personality even through the place where you spend most of your time at home, so what kind of kitchen are you?

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