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The first Eurooo Commercial Partner Meeting of 2018

The first Eurooo Commercial Partner Meeting of 2018

Eurooo met its partners and suppliers in the 10th edition of the ECPM

At the beginning of a new year, it is always important to meet together to explain all the new initiatives and celebrate together the success of a great international Company like Eurooo. 13 of the many partners participated the event, including Arte di Murano, Sangiorgio, Dormiflex and Erbaitalia.


The meeting began retracing the steps of the birth or Eurooo and Casaitaliana: it is vital to remember how the company started, in order to have a clear vision of its values. From the birth of the company in 2010 in Ravenna, to its new branches in many cities of China and its Eurooo offices in Milan. Casaitaliana and Eurooo grew together and made each other stronger, gaining the trust of markets all over the world, from China, to Europe, to Asia and America. Casaitaliana reached the goal of 107 million yuan in 2017 on the Chinese market only. Brands like Martini Mobili, Fabbricatore and S&G were enthusiastic to hear the news and confirmed their will to keep collaborating with the platform.


Eurooo, the international furniture platform, was born in 2016, aiming to provide the customers of all over the world, not only with high quality luxury furniture products, but also with a complete service: from the choice of the piece and price estimation, through packaging and shipping, to the assembly phase. The company is meticulous and diligent in supporting the customer in every step, verifying the quality of the product and the client’s requirements. Eurooo’s marketing team works every day to promote each and every single brand on its platform, investing resources in creating specific strategies to gain visibility on the high-end products market.


E-commerce has a much greater potential than the traditional formula: it guarantees transparency for the clients, who can compare the information with other sources, it can provide a larger number of options, that no real shop could ever have in stock, and it has an expectation of growth far superior to traditional methods. That is why Altreforme, Passoni Nature, Mussi Arreda and thousands of other luxury furniture brands saw the potential of an international platform like Eurooo.


Eurooo recently launched the platform OUJUHUI, dedicated to products ready to be shipped. The platform works through a website and a smartphone app, that will make it easy both for the customers and for the suppliers to communicate clearly and provide a good quality service. It is a great chance for European brands to expand on the Chinese market, together with the OZSP platform, dedicated to household appliances.


Eurooo’s family is in constant growth: by the end of March 2018, the platform will be completely translated in 10 languages, guaranteeing an even bigger coverage of the international market. Italian brands like Essenza and Gelosa will be visible not only to English speakers, but also to Russians, Brazilians, Germans, French and many other people. 


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