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A special armchair: the chaise longue

Versatile and transformable, the chaise longue chair never loses its charm: in its classic model or in its innovative restyling, designers have always thought of this style of chair as an immortal classic.

19 January 2018 60 0

Relax is a real art that regenerates the body and the spirit, but requires free time and the right piece of furniture: a chaise longue, placed in a quiet corner, allows you to lie down comfortably and indulge in relaxation. The soft cognac-colored leather of the Dialma Brown chaise longue will be the perfect feature to your leisure hours. The vintage charm of this model will give your living room an elegant atmosphere, the support structure and the quilted effect will make you more comfortable than ever.


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Glamor is the key word for the elegant Hollywood chaise longue by Altamoda Italia. The dormeuse is inspired by the films of the 50s. No detail is left to chance: the upholstery is in black and white pied-de-poule fabric embellished with contrasting fuchsia stitching, the slightly flared legs are in lacquer gold color with handcrafted solid wood elements. Due to its size, this piece will certainly become the protagonist of the living area. 


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The transformable Multichair model by B-Line is composed of two distinct elements, joined by leather straps, which make it possible to transform the chaise longue into a chair or armchair. The internal structure is made of steel and is padded with polyurethane foam, the feet are in aluminum. It is a chair that has made the history of Italian design and is exhibited at the MoMA and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It will be like a work of art in your living room, exalting the beauty of the rest of the décor. 


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Tonino Lamborghini Casa is the furniture line of the renowned high-end cars brand. The TL300 chaise longue will give you the feeling of being seated in one of their fancy sport cars, but with the comfort and cozyness of your own living room. The chaise longue has a metal base that creates a pleasant contrast with the precious orange leather coating, and it is also available in the version with massage mechanism, for a 100% relaxing experience. 


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Modern brands with a contemporary soul like to use unconventional materials, especially when they intend to renovate classic styles. An innovative material such as Polysy was used by Myyour to create the Cole chair. This ergonomic chaise longue can also be used outdoors, since it does not fear atmospheric agents and remains unchanged over time without maintenance. It has a clean and essential design and is available in matt or glossy finish in different colors.

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