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Classic style meets new trends with country chic kitchens

Traditional kitchens become modern in the country chic version, with white or cream color finishes or with their natural wood look.

19 January 2018 132 0

Classic kitchens inspired by the Provençal style or the soft and rounded design of the fifties are declined in the most current compositions featuring colors like white, cream, sand and a distinctive country chic vibe. Marmolà di Brummel Cucine is entirely made equipped with the elegant marble top, equipped with a hob, sink and tap for beer and soft drinks; above the island, a large hood that opens with a remote-controlled mechanism allows access to a series of storage compartments. Definitely a functional and classy design for a kitchen.


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Country chic kitchens have details that recall the designs of the past such as the molded doors, often in solid wood, the large chimney hoods, the storage shelves with everything in sight, the doors of wall units or partially columned glass cupboards or the upper jutting profiles. The Montserrat line by Marchi Cucine includes a range of a modular artisanal kitchens, rich in details such as finely chiseled handles and the top in marble stone, the masonry hood, the wall units with drawers. The dark cognac color of the wood will give a warm atmosphere to your kitchen, making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable at any moment.


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