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This year think gold for your home décor

The year 2018 just started and the new color trend is already here, as bold and eccentric as it can be: gold!

23 January 2018 153 0

Gold is the first color that comes into your mind when you think of luxury, elegance and charm. That is why the most precious of materials inspired the interior design world to create furniture that feature gold in many ways. Formenti, an Italian brand renowned for their sophisticated design style, created a line of furniture that features geometric golden shapes, with a retro vibe that takes us back to the second decade of last century and the art deco period.

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Following the save art deco influence, Vismara Design created this astonishing glass display. It is so much more than a bookcase or a shelving unite: it can contain your ornaments and objects, but it is a work of art itself. The round shape makes it stand out from the whole environment, the golden color is intense and penetrating. This piece of furniture is destined to become the protagonist of your home décor.

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Sofas are a key point to every home décor, and they can certainly feature the color gold too, even though in a more delicate way. The Italian brand Zanaboni designed the Norman sofas and armchair line: these elegant creations are covered with velvet, a material that mitigate the exuberance of the color gold, making it even more sophisticated and classy.

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There is something every interior design needs: lighting. when it comes to illumination, choosing the color gold will make every light shine brighter. Siru is an Italian company that masters the ancient art of the Murano glass manufacturing, born in the Venetian lagoon. Their creations are astonishing examples of the fact that art can truly enter our everyday life through home décor.


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What is the natural element that everyone associates with the color gold? Fire, of course. Modern fireplaces are less elaborated than classic style ones, for a simple reason: they want to make fire the decoration element, making it stand out in its purity. This is the philosophy behind the design of this fireplace by Focus, a French brand that is a pioneer in its field.

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