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New ideas to enjoy your garden also during the winter

New ideas to enjoy your garden also during the winter

Let's find out together how to make our garden a fully enjoyable space even when the temperatures are rather harsh.

If you have a nice garden and you want to enjoy it even during the winter, today you can definitely do it. A simple outdoor fireplace it’s everything you need!

When it comes to outdoor decor, it is essential to choose furniture that is in line with the style of the open space. The various elements must complete the environment without invading it.

Creating around these elements a "natural garden", will allow you to enjoy all the relaxation and well-being that this environment can transmit.

Let’s start then from the choice of our fireplace. This rotating fireplace offered by FOCOTTO was specifically designed to be placed in outdoor environments. This fireplace, thanks to an advanced technological system, is able to rotate automatically depending on wind direction. The elongated shape and the color recall the trunk of a tree, perfectly fitting into a natural environment.

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To protect you from sun and rain, and to feel at ease even if you're outdoor, the ideal is to place a sunshade pavillon in your garden. FRAMMENTI D’ARTE offers an interesting solution if you want that the outdoor space is as elegant as your living room. The columns are the most beautiful part of this wonderful pavillon. They stand out with composure and elegance, recalling in their shape the times of Ancient Greece. Even in this case, the materials and the colors are perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.

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Of course, at this point, your garden needs an elegant sofa. Outdoor sofas, although they look very similar to the indoor ones, are actually built with very different materials and methodologies. In fact, having to be placed outside, it is necessary that the materials are rather resistant to atmospheric agents such as humidity or sunlight. This beautiful eight-seater sofa offered by TRESI meets all these needs. The colors and the structure are modern, you will have the feeling of being in your living room. The comfort and softness, however, are the features that make this sofa perfect to read a book immersed in the peace of your garden.

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Finally, would you like to have lunch in your garden even in the winter? If the problem of temperature can be solved with an elegant outdoor fireplace, as we have seen before, now we should just choose an outdoor table and the chairs. This modern dining table, offered by FRIGERIO LIVING could be a suitable choice. The simplicity of the shapes makes this article a perfect item for a peaceful and quiet outdoor environment.

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