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Black interior design: the darkest of colors for an elegant home décor

Black interior design: the darkest of colors for an elegant home décor

A touch of black in your interior design? It is the latest trend.

“Paint it black” is not only a famous song by the rock band The Rolling Stones, it is also the newest trend for interior design and home décor. That’s right: black is not only the darkest of colors, it is also the most elegant. After the huge come-back of black in the fashion world, interior design is finding out once again that this color is always up to date, and does never really get old. Even though sophisticated and classy, we all know that black needs to be used carefully in home decoration, so here we will give some tips and suggestions on how to include it in every room of your home without overdoing it.


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Living room

The living room will be the area where it is easier to integrate the color black into.  It is usually the largest room in the house, therefore there is no risk to make the space smaller with a dark color. Moreover, nowadays it is very common to have open plan living rooms: a disposition that visually enlarges the area by a lot. Given those premises, using black for some of your furniture, creating dark spots of color inside your living area, will give dynamism to the room. The most important piece of furniture in a living room is, needles to say, the sofa, and that is also the best item to feature black. A dark leather sofa is elegant, modern and, most notably, comfortable: black can be the perfect color for it.


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When decorating your bedroom, you first have to think of the atmosphere you want to create, and then select the furniture accordingly. If you want your bedroom to be classy and elegant, but still cozy and welcoming, a leather bed will be a good choice. Just like the sofa we have just talked about, a black leather bed will exalt the whole room’s interior design and create the right atmosphere for your relaxing spot.


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When it comes to bathrooms, it is hard to imagine black as an interior design color. Traditional bathrooms are mainly white, or they tend to feature delicate colors and light tints, but many contemporary designers seem to prefer stronger looks and bold choices in their work. A black interior design will certainly give your bathroom a strong personality, but there can be ways to mitigate the dark color. For instance, you could choose a design that include some natural wood details combined with the black color: the contrast will create an appealing effect that will make the décor one of a kind.


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We left the harder for last. If you thought that using black for bathroom décor was hard, you will probably have trouble picturing a kitchen that features this dark color. For a stylish black interior design in kitchens, retro style is your best options. With a traditional wooden kitchen, the risk is to obtain an ordinary look, something that has been seen a million times before. But even the most classic design can be completely transformed with the color black: the retro vibe can meet modern trends when the contrast between the color and the style is so strong and appeling.


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If you like the idea of the color black in your kitchen, take inspiration from the models and brands we selected here, to make the best out of the most dark and elegant of colors in this room.

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