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A romantic fireplace to warm your heart

There is no more evocative scenario, the fireplace is one of the few elements of interior design able to give a romantic atmosphere to the environment in which it is located.

25 January 2018 137 0

From a romantic fireplace a warm essence is dispersed through the air. The comforting crackling of wood and the warm soft light that a romantic fireplace gives creates makes any place unique. Today the fireplace is no longer a luxury for a few people. There are many alternatives that can be adapted to any type of home: pellet stoves that recall traditional fireplaces or contemporary design solutions. For this reason, we have selected for you, among the trends of the moment, three romantic fireplaces in which to recognize and to inspire you.


There are few things in the field of furniture that can fill a room with elegance and style like a modern fireplace. Choosing a romantic fireplace in a modern style to be placed in your living area will allow you to fill the room harmoniously, and then you will need to add only a few accessories. This SPARTHERM fireplace creates a romantic atmosphere with a simple design, and is able to spread its romantic warmth throughout your living room.


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A fireplace can also become a piece of furniture that changes completely the look of your living room. This BIOKAMINO fireplace especially suites the taste of people that love objects with a particular design. This extraordinary fireplace recalls the shape of the pyramid positioned at the entrance of the Louvre. The warmth of Paris, the city of love, is perfect to recreate in your living room a romantic atmosphere to share with your partner that only such a fireplace can give.


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Make sure that in your living room there is a fireplace to warm up the atmosphere. It takes very little to create a magical and fairytale environment: take a small rug or a red blanket and spread it near the fireplace, add cushions and rose petals to the ground. Choose a romantic background music and a love comedy to watch together, or a book to read with the sound of the crackling fire. Image now you can do this while you are warmed by this special FOCUS fireplace. A gash opens the wall, and on the other side is your fire. If you love art and romantic atmospheres, this fireplace could be ideal to warm your heart and that of your partner.


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