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Country kitchen, tips and idea to create the perfect atmosphere

A country kitchen is warm, welcoming, it makes us think of the old times. But how do we create the perfect country atmosphere?

26 January 2018 107 0

Country is a relaxed and warm style of furniture, perfect for the whole house but particularly suitable for kitchen environments. The kitchen is one of the most loved by the family, where opinions and opinions are exchanged, where not only is it prepared to eat but it is all together. The rules to follow are simple and not rigorous, because the country style must, as a main feature, be genuine and heartfelt. Wood, pastel colors - mint green above all - terracotta, white or worked ceramics, and even unpaired porcelains, old wardrobes, tin and here and there a touch of green is all you need. The rustic kitchen has an undeniable and irresistible charm. We now want to share with you some tricks, tips and suggestions for decorating the perfect rustic kitchen.


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Wood and stone

To furnish a country style kitchen, first of all, you have to think about the materials to use. Think about the atmosphere you want to create: rustic, vintage, a bit old fashioned maybe what is the first material that comes to mind? It is wood, of course. Wood can be dark, light-colored, painted with one or many tints combined together. A white rustic kitchen is the most suitable for those who want to recreate the romantic atmosphere of the Provençal countryside at home, while dark wood is more suited to Tuscan-style homes. Feel free to follow your own taste, but keep in mind wood is your best friend, when it comes to country style. Stone also plays a fundamental role in this type of decoration. It was commonly used to cover the walls of traditional country style kitchens and often even the floors, but you can use for countertops and however it pleases you. These tips we are suggesting you can be useful, but always keep in mind the most important thing is the atmosphere: the idea of the environment you want to create will lead your choices.


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The dining table

As far as table and chairs, wood will be the best option too. Moreover, you will want to select furniture with a natural look: a lived-in feel will help the country atmosphere you are creating. Select retro-style shapes for your chairs, that can also be integrated with some fabric cushions, preferably with a floral decoration, that will complete the country-side atmosphere like a cherry on top of a cake. A nice round table of contained size will suit perfectly in a country kitchen: it will look cozy and welcoming, inviting the family to share a meal together.


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Speaking of materials, we not only have to think of cabinets and tables, since details are important as the main furniture. Items like faucets, sinks and handles must be coherent and harmonious with the rest on the environment. In old traditional kitchen, copper was a common material for pots and pans. Today, we can use copper pots as a decoration element, hanging from the walls, but we can also integrate this material in the furniture. All the metal accessories are to be preferred in the copper color, as in the case of the sink faucet or the cabinet handles. 


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Curtains and tablecloth

Let us spend some words on other decorative elements too. Choosing the curtains, as well as the tablecloths, is a fundamental part of the whole décor.  Choose your curtains in a light color, a delicate tint with discrete floral decorations: they will complete the interior design, without being too invasive. Choose these or a citrus fantasy, or lemons, to finish off your decor for a rustic tavern kitchen. For the table cloth, you could opt for a classic squared pattern, that will bring a great deal of joy and enthusiasm in the décor, or choose something similar to the curtains, light colored and discrete. 


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