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Romantic interior design: make every day Valentine’s day

Romantic interior design: make every day Valentine’s day

Romantic interior design is delicate, dreamy, with a timeless charm. Let’s see how to create the perfect romantic home décor.

February 14 is close, but romance doesn’t have to be confined in that day only. It is nice to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home, to create a shelter from every-day life through your interior design choice. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not suggesting you should decorate your home like a dreaming teenager: romantic interior design has more to do with elegance, with a sophisticated palette of colors, an effortless way to integrate inspirations from Provencal and Tuscan style, as well as from shabby chic and retro. So don’t think for a minute we are going to give cheesy tips about your home décor: we always like to keep it classy.


What is romantic style?

So what exactly does the word “romantic” mean in the interior decoration world? The romantic style is not necessarily synonymous with frilly and feminine; it’s a traditional look that involves wood, pastel colors and soft fabric. The charm of this style is given by the combination of different vibrations, if you pass me the term. Romantic interior design will take you back to old times, with its slightly vintage allure, it will embrace you with the softness of silk, satin, floral patterns, and will fascinate you with delicate colors. Curtains will filter the light from the windows, candles will spread pleasant scents into the room, flowers will bring spring into the interiors, soft cushions will make you comfortable and relaxed. This is the true essence of romantic style.


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A romantic bedroom

Now that we know what is the atmosphere a romantic interior design creates, let’s see how to apply this notions to single rooms of our homes. First things first: the bedroom. This room must be a place to relax, to spend your leisure moments at the end of every day; the protagonist is undoubtedly the bed. The headboard can be in wood or wrought iron both in its natural color and in pastel shades. The most romantic of color is white, specifically in a crème shade, as well as beige and jute color, that remind of natural tints. The important thing is to keep a little rustic touch to the romantic style, using many cushions and ornaments all around, like you would do in a chic country villa. Wardrobe and bedside tables will ideally be in wood, with a slight aged effect; a Provencal touch will be given by the fabrics: soft and delicate as the French Riviera wind. The bed sheets will be perfect in pastel colors in natural materials such as linen or cotton, with lace details, if that’s your taste. 


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To wallpaper or not to wallpaper?

Wallpaper and tapestry are home décor elements that surely recall of a romantic atmosphere. Today brands developed special materials to make wallpapers more resistant, water-proof and anti-mold, so don’t let the memory of your grandma’s living room scratched tapestry hold you back from choosing it for your home. That said, the decoration pattern has to be selected carefully: the risk is to overdo the Provencal floral drawing or the romantic pastel tints. If you like the idea of wallpaper for your romantic interior design, make sure to maintain balance in the overall decoration: if you pick a flowery pattern or an intense color, balance it out with plane fabrics, simple wooden furniture and discrete details. The final effect will be very cozy, especially for the bedroom. 


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A Provencal bathroom

The protagonist of this room is the tub: for a true romantic Provençal style, you will choose a free-standing tub, with visible support legs in metal. This will give your bathroom an irresistible retro taste. The rest of the bathroom furniture will follow the style of the bathtub and will harmonize with classic lines, with faucets preferably in brass or copper color metal, fabric curtains at the window. Imagine a white sink and, above it a large mirror with a wooden frame with a worn finish or in wrought iron or brass. The flooring will be perfect in natural stone, like marble, matched with the walls painted with spring colors like cream, light blue, sage green, antique pink. As far as accessories go, wicker objects will be your best friend for a romantic interior design: baskets, chairs, stools, will harmonize perfectly with natural fiber carpets, pot vases with flowers, and soft pastel color cotton towels.


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On a side not, don’t be afraid of using wallpaper in bathrooms too: remember, water proof materials are now common in the tapestry industry. Here is an article that suggests the best brands for it.

A warm living room 

The living is probably the room where we want more romance, for our solo date with our significant other, or simply to spend a nice family night with your beloved ones. Again, pastel colors are your allies for the living room romantic atmosphere: lavender, powder pink, green, beige and cream. The fabrics you use should be soft and silky to the touch: you may not want to go for a classic leather sofa, in favor of a cozy velvet couch. For other decorations such as cushions and curtains, try to avoid using a lot of rough fabrics and instead use a mix of cotton, chenille, silk, velvet, cashmere and other luxe fabrics. Layer them on top of each other to create a sense of depth and luxury: your living room will look like a million dollars. As far as the rest of the interior design goes, for a romantic style home décor you need a lot of furniture: cabinets, coffee tables, libraries, glass showcase. You don’t want to overdo it and have a room crowded with furniture, but this might be one of the few times when you are not required to follow the famous design motto “less is more”.


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A rustic-chic kitchen

And now, last but not least, let’s talk about the most dynamic room of the house, the one that speaks most about family and friends: the kitchen. The wooden classic kitchen is the one that best suits this style. This material is the best to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, that “home” feeling that is so important to transmit with a romantic interior design. The color palette will be similar to the one we saw in the other rooms:  white, beige or cream coordinated with the wooden finishes, or slightly stronger pastel shades such as green, blue or lavender. The floors and the sink will be in stone, another material that cannot miss in a house furnished in a romantic and Provencal style. to complete the whole room décor, have fun and choose accessories and decorations: sideboards with ceramic plates, aluminum or copper pots hanging from the kitchen hood or from the wall, pastel color tablecloths and towels, flower pots and everything that can help the atmosphere.


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