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Feng Shui bedroom: tips to create a positive energy through interior design

Feng Shui bedroom: tips to create a positive energy through interior design

A Feng Shui bedroom decoration can positively affect your lifestyle, make you more positive and energetic, simply by following a few rules.

We got used to hear about Feng Shui and good practices for a proper flow of positive energy, what we least consider of this oriental discipline is that any piece of furniture or object is able to condition our mental and physical harmony, especially in the bedroom and during night time. This ancient Chinese art has specific rules for every aspect of life, and the way we decorate our house is not neglected. Living a good life is all about creating an equilibrium inside and outside our mind, harmonizing the different forces that work around us. Spaces, colors, materials and furniture arrangement should be reorganized according to these principles, so that every detail of the interior design contributes to the perfect equilibrium of the environment. A Feng Shui bedroom arrangement is finalized to provide relax and peace to those who sleep in it, making the night hours truly resting for the mind and the body. And if you are wondering how to get all this without revolutionizing your room too invasively, we have collected for you the most widespread and easy to put into practice, to keep and increase the positive energy in the bedroom, leaving bad temper and worries outside the door. You just have to get comfortable and enjoy a deep restful sleep!


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Order and peacefulness

Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives in bed? The reason is that our body and mind need to lower our guard as much as possible: this will make us maintain the function of regeneration of sleep. Following the Feng Shui rules in the bedroom will help us having a truly regenerating sleep time, thanks to a healthy mental and physical state. The first think Feng Shui can teach us is that a messy room is not only unpleasant to the eye, but to our mind too. According to Feng Shui, the room must be kept clear: don’t be lazy leaving your clothes all around the room, because that will affect you badly. Instead, try to be diligent, and store everything in closets and drawers, keeping the room clean and unobstructed without overloading it with unnecessary and bulky furniture and objects. A tidy room makes a tidy mind, which is the only way you are going to have peaceful nights. In terms of location, the bedroom should be in the most sheltered part of the house, away from the entrance door. Doors, doors and drawers must remain closed during the night, while it would be advisable to have the windows on the opposite side of the bed or side, so you can enjoy the view outside.


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Clean air

Another important aspect for a bedroom with a relaxed atmosphere is that the air must always be fresh and clean: windows need to often be left open to facilitate air exchange. As far as plants and flowers go, you might think that their scents can have a relaxing effect on you, but that is not always the case. It is advisable for a Feng Shui bedroom to have plants with strong fragrances only if the room is very large; and, even so, it would be better if you’d place them as far from the bed as possible: so that their perfume won’t disturb you while you sleep.


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What about the bed?

We talked about the bedroom and its scent, but aren’t we neglecting the elephant in the room? Starting from the structure itself, the bed should be chosen with a slatted system, with very few metal parts and electrical controls. A high-quality mattress is fundamental too for a Feng Shui bedroom: both a traditional one and a foam mattress will work, but we recommend to avoid the models that are too soft, for they might seem more comfortable, but they don’t provide enough support for your back. The headboard of the bed must be placed against the wall: this way, sleep will not be distracted by the continuous flow of energy between the door and windows. The bed must be easily accessible from both sides, and ideally there should be enough room for two bedside tables. The bed should be located as far from the bedroom door as possible, far from the noise of the house and psychosocially distant from everyday life with its tasks.

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Colors & Feng Shui

Colors are part of the Feng Shui world too, especially for interior design. Even the bedroom color palette will stimulate relaxation and comfort, facilitating a healthy sleep. Avoid colors that are too dark or too bright, choose pastel shades and neutral colors like a light beige or a delicate brown, which will transmit a sense of protection, making you feel welcomed and warm in the room. If ivory colors are too basic for your taste, you can opt for a blush pink, a delicate bronze or copper, or even a chocolate tint to mix and match harmoniously and always with good taste.


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The materials

A Feng Shui bedroom is equipped with the most natural components and furnishing accessories. Wood is absolutely privileged, avoiding surfaces that are too reflective of light and materials that are cold to the eye and to the touch. For the walls, it would be preferable to choose biocompatible paints, transpiring and non-toxic. When choosing the fabrics, you want to go for soft and natural materials, such as cotton and silk linen, dyed with ecological methods, that will give you a feeling similar to a human’s embrace.


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Things to avoid

Peacefulness of your sleeping hours must be preserved and protected, for it is a fundamental element of your well-being. That must be your goal when decorating your bedroom: do not focus only on the beauty of the design for the furniture. Bulky furnishings and large mirrors that directly reflect the bed should be avoided in all bedrooms, according to Feng Shui rules. The layout of the furniture should ensure enough space for moving easily around the room, and there should be no shelves or other objects hanging above the headboard of the bed. Since this room is intended for relaxation, intimacy and rest, TVs, electronic devices and any element creates disorder or distraction should be banned from the area. The wi-fi network must be switched off before going to sleep, and no electric wire must ever cross the wall behind the headboard. As for smartphones, try to turn them off at least half an hour before falling asleep, to relax and rest your eyes, preparing for rest.

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