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How to declutter your home décor for minimal-chic interior design

How to declutter your home décor for minimal-chic interior design

Declutter your home and your life from unnecessary objects and redundant details: decorate by removing the excess.

“Less is more”. How many times did we hear this motto?  When applied to interior decoration, simplifying and decluttering the environment can be a very classy choice. Removing redundancy, being essential and opting for minimalism are the first three commandments to follow, for a decluttering-proof house. This verb, held sacred in the matter of home decor, indicates the virtuous practice of getting rid of the superfluous: say goodbye to useless utensils, put away all those cushions, get rid all the thousands travel souvenirs... Everything that is not vital for comfort basics can safely be packed and stored in the attic, or in the nearest vintage flea market. Have no regrets and no remorse, purify yourself from serial accumulation tendencies and repent of the unnecessary purchases made. Here are the golden rules for your decluttering process, that will never make you sin ever again in matters of design.

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Keep it clean

Time for spring cleaning! We know it is still winter, but you can never start your decluttering process too early, right? Spring cleanings are made to wipe away the dirt and the most visible symptoms of obsessive-compulsive winter shopping, but to make a really clean space you have to start from the structure. Essential design, basic shapes, as well as neutral colors will make transform your interior in a real Zen temple in which to rediscover psychophysical wellbeing. Start from the doorway, making a nice cleanup of everything that is not white or light colored, does not have a simple silhouette of does not give you a sense of extreme relaxation. A green touch, on the other hand, is most welcomed: a potted plant, a bench in recycled cork or a whitewashed wooden floor will give your guests a much more welcome than the usual greeting doormat.

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Design is the protagonist: don’t hide it!

The kitchen is one of the spaces where one can easily fall into the dangerous temptation of massing objects: pots and pans, cutlery, tableware, spice racks and teapots in plane sight are among the worst enemies of minimal design. A beautiful modern design, with its linear and simple shape, can be perfect as it is, with no need of unnecessary decorations to stand out and catch attention. Make a clean sweep of everything that stands on the worktops without proven utility, finally making the coverings become the protagonists: marble tops, or wooden counters with a natural effect will shine of new light, freed from all the unnecessary objects covering them. There are other ways to make a kitchen unique: walls covered with multicolored tiles or exposed bricks in urban chic style, cabinets or floorings with charming tints.

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Fewer & better

In every room of the house it is advisable not to exceed with the amount of furniture, but we’d need to choose one room above all to be more careful about, that would be the living room. Busy is never elegant: the fewer pieces of furniture will be in the room, the better it will be in terms of elegance. Semi-empty spaces not only give a sense of peace and relaxation, but also make the environment look very sophisticated, especially with details like stylish sandblasted bricks on the walls, an elegant wallpaper, or exposed wooden beams on the ceiling that will delicately catch the attention: focus on the intrinsic characteristics of the walls and ceilings, exalting them instead of hiding them. You will make your living room one of a kind, an environment that you can really appreciate as a living area.

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A stylish bathroom

Even the most impeccable apartment often ends up risk to get disappointing, as soon as the bathroom doors open. Perhaps it is because we do not give the right importance to the bathroom as a design space, but the fact that is such a private room shouldn’t make us neglect the decoration and have a sloppy bathroom design. The myriad of beauty products stored up on the sink, on the shelves and at the edge of the bath often give a mixed effect: they make us feel uncomfortable and certainly do not look nice. To avoid this problem, it just takes a little effort to put everything in a determined place and try to keep things in order. This way, our beautiful minimal design cabinets will stand out as they deserve, and even time spent in the bathroom will be more pleasant.

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Essential bedroom

Let the Zen philosophy enter your bedroom, and keep out all of your bulky furniture, your thousands pillows and detailed objects. Go for essentiality, almost frugal minimalism. Remove frills like jewelry boxes, bedside tables stuffed with books, canopies, shoe shelves overflowing: off to good sleep, make room for dreams. All the furniture must be as essential as possible, with clean lines and tamed colors. Natural wood always looks great when combined with minimalist design, as well as lacquered crème colors or soft upholstery fabric coverings.

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Minimal even in open air

Whoever has spread the rumor that the essential would be invisible to the eye, has probably never seen a tastefully furnished environment. The essential, when it is really there, really makes the difference. You will understand if you just take a look at a hanging garden, where the geometric lines of the plants are all that is needed to make it unforgettable. The outdoor is the area where things must be kept simple more than ever.  It does not take much to give a “Le Corbusier effect” to a terrace or a home garden. After all, the whole point of having a outdoor area is spending time outside, enjoying the beauty of the nature. Why would you want to get distracted with unnecessary objects and roomy furniture pieces?

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