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Colorful chandeliers and lamps to light up your interiors

Colorful chandeliers and lamps to light up your interiors

A multi-color light designs will complete and enhance your interior design in unexpected ways. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Some say that light design can be the icing on top of the cake of your home décor. If that is true, why not choose a colorful and joyful frosting? Lighting is the element part of your interiors where you can really be eccentric and original, without altering the whole environment too much. A bright-colored chandelier will certainly draw attention on itself, but it can enhance the beauty both of a classic and a modern interior design. A multi-tint lamp can make a living room more coherent, by connecting and harmonizing all of the furnishing of a certain spot. In short, a colorful light design can be a great tool to add to your home décor that little something that will make it unforgettable and special.


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Now, what is the first thing that comes into your mind when thinking about colors? Is it maybe the palette of a painter, that carefully selects the most beautiful tints for its new artworks? That is the same idea that inspired the designers from Hand and Eye Studio. They created a ceiling light that reproduces big drops of colors. The tints are pure and intense, the shape is sinuous and modern: these lights can be beautifully combined together or used singularly. Either way, everyone will surely fall in love with these drops of color hanging from your ceiling.


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Painters are not the only ones to use colors and combine them to create art. Craftsmen and artisans can be artists too, and their work takes just as much inspiration from colors. Now think about this: what is more colorful than the collection of spools a tailor has? The fascination of all those different threads, about to be wisely combined and sewed together by the skilled hands of the artisans, was the inspiration for this unusual chandelier. The designer of the Italian brand Penta created a beautiful and colorful piece, that looks elegant and eccentric at the same time.


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The designers of MyYour created a piece that, like the previous ones, re-contextualize a preexisting concept. Great creators are always able to come up with new ideas out of old concepts, and that is where iconic designs come from, that is how they always look up to date, in spite of new trends and tendencies. The classic shape of an abat-jour, a bedside lamp, was extrapolated from its original context, to be reborn in different size and material. The Agata floor lamp is a tall piece of illumination that almost reaches the 2 meters, its material allows light to come from both the base and the upper part of the lamp. Available in many different colors, this illumination piece is perfect to decorate and illuminate any location and easily adaptable to any context. 


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The same creative process is what gave birth to this table lamp by Artempo. The design combines printed glass with floral decoration and transparent acrilux. The characteristics of this table lamp make it a modern decoration element with a timeless beauty to it. The concept behind this idea makes it even more interesting and appealing. 

Find out more about Artempo here.

There are times, though, when tradition needs to be simply preserved, and treasured for the generations to come. That is what brands like Sogni di Cristallo committed to, combining the craftsmanship techniques of the past with the passion and taste of today. The ancient art of blown-glass, born centuries ago in the little venetian island of Murano, lives on in the skilled hands of passionate artisans. Chandeliers like this one are grandiose, regal, they are able to bring a magical atmosphere in any room.


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