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Stockholm furniture fair 2018, another year of innovation

Stockholm furniture fair 2018, another year of innovation

Stockholm furniture fair returns from February 6 to 10 February, the great Scandinavian fair that puts the world of furniture and lighting in the spotlight.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light fair is the place to find the latest news about design, furniture, innovations and materials dedicated to interior decoration and lighting sectors.  Over 40 thousand people from more than 60 countries are already taking part in this exhibition. An event that attracts over seven hundred exhibiting companies. 


The whole exhibition has been divided in sections, to host the different categories of the brand showing their designs. The part called “Trend Exhibition” is dedicated to the most innovative and promising brands that presented new materials and techniques, likely to define the future of interior design. The section Welcome to Woodland hosts a selection of architectures and furnishings that use wood as a distinctive and incredibly innovative construction material. The Greenhouse is where emerging designers and design schools have the opportunity to show their prototypes to future producers and customers. 


One of the most important brand at this year’s Stockholm furniture fair is Alias. Their exhibition is enclosed in an elegant and rigorous scenario. The atmosphere, through the perimeter walls made of acoustic panels, is intentionally intimate and muffled. The Alias projects stand out for their uniqueness, in a suggestive sequence of colors and finishes that exalts their technological characteristics. Alias wanted to create an open space to be lived, where the living area dialogues with the area dedicated to the home office, focusing on the human, and his well-being. Thus, Alias interprets the home / office world with rigor and abstraction thanks to the profound technical knowledge that the brand expresses in its collections.


LaCividina is another awaited participant of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, where it will present the most significant products of its sofas and armchairs collection. Their creations are authentic pieces of design, expression of the Made in Italy philosophy and the result of the stylistic and innovative research of the brand. Their style is a bit eccentric, but their true goal is to have design following comfort, in a fluid creative process that gives birth to unique furniture, truly one of a kind.


This furniture fair also coincides with another long-awaited event: the Stockholm Design Week, the most creative week of the year for Northern Europe. Interior design enters the street of the city center, with exclusive events that will make this week unforgettable, combining the charm of this northern city with the innovation of the trendiest furniture brands.


This year the northern furniture fair had another reason to feel special. Students from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm have created furniture prototypes in response to briefs by six Swedish brands, such as Kallemo, Massproductions and Johanson, and they will all be shown at the exhibition. This was an astonishing opportunity for the students to learn how the real world of design creates and produces objects and furniture, and also for them to show their ideas and abilities to the international community, in such a prestigious showcase.  


Eurooo went to the Stockholm furniture fair 2018 to witness all this exciting news. We always want to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and tendencies, and we don’t miss a chance to do it. We searched for new inspiration and ideas to offer to our customers the most innovative and stylish creations of the interior design world.

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