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Turati Boiseries: the most elegant wooden wainscoting

The fine art of boiseries and wainscoting making makes its way into the most elegant homes thanks to the Italian brand Turati.

09 February 2018 190 0

Losing yourself in the chromatic shades of wood, letting yourself be charmed by the three-dimensional appeal of a fine boiserie ceiling is the privilege of those who, looking upwards, discover the personal finishes of decorative wood panels signed by Turati Boiseries.


The great craftsmanship tradition of the northern Italian city of Mariano Comense, which can be defined in all respects art cabinetmaking combined with the most advanced manufacturing technologies, gives birth to furnishing solutions of the highest class and maximum elegance, and finds its expression not only in furniture or wall boiseries, but also in fine wooden ceilings made by the masters of the Brianza fashion house as per best tradition.


The reference to classic and antique buildings and the refinement taste of the past make wooden boiseries ceilings an authentic element of value that gives formal completeness and authentic elegance to every room in the house. The stylistic sumptuousness of this kind of ceiling suits perfectly even in extremely contemporary settings. In fact, the ceilings designed and manufactured by Turati Boiseries are perfect to meet different needs and all kinds of style - shabby chic, classic, baroque, modern or contemporary - adding character, personality and uniqueness to the environment, for a spectacular effect that can exalt by harmonizing or giving contrast with the rest of the furniture.


Next to the incomparable aesthetic value given by the quality of wood and the skilled craftsmanship of the designers, the boiseries ceilings have a significant functional merit since they allow to reduce the height of the room, greatly improving the thermal and acoustic comfort.


The boiseries wooden ceilings are the result of meticulous design process as well as artisan work and precious skills of the masters of the historic city of Mariano Comense. Each one of these pieces is unique, the result of the choice and abilities of wood workers, capable of ensuring aesthetic and functional effects that combine the classic style with the typical charm of the most elegant contemporary design.


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