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Multicolor sofas: decorate with happiness

Make your living room flourish in an ever-lasting spring with colorful couches.

12 February 2018 131 0

The living room should be the most relaxing spot of the house, the one to come to after a long day, a shelter from the world to spend family time and create happy memories. Color your living room with the tints of happiness, make it a joyful place where you can feel like a cheerful child. Don't be afraid to be too eccentric, or too daring, when choosing colors: that is going to be your personal style expressed in the interior design, only you can be the judge of it.

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Following the inspiration of the great Bauhaus designers, combining their efforts with the classy French touch, Roche Bobois developed a furniture company known all over the world for the high-quality and the beauty of the style. The comfly ans Roche Bobois sofas are provided with a rocker technology and quilted backs. 

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Meritalia is one of the most famous furniture companies in Italy. This brand focuses on contemporary style and produces modern furniture of all kinds. Sofas by Meritalia are notorious for their eccentricity: lively colors combined in appealing contrast meet unique shapes and bold features.

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Colors can also be used with a slightly retro touch, in a delicate way that reminds us of the old day. That is what the Italian brand Trabà does when designing furniture: they look at their past, at the great tradition of their countries, with new eyes. This way, they are able to create unique pieces that combine a modern taste for mininmalism and a vintage touch.

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Don't be afraid to combine bright colors with modern design: one will mitigate the other, or exalt it, when needed. A touch of red will make your living room the most unforgettable room of the house. This astonishing red sofa is a perfect example of how a classic style can be updated to our current times: the back seat is designed with a beautiful Chesterfield style finish, but its shape is very contemporary and sinuous. A true artwork, so much more than a sofa.

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