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Small living room décor ideas

How to make the most of your space with some small living room décor ideas

After a long week at work, what's better than finally coming home to your living room? It's the sacred room in your house that's entirely dedicated to relax: here you can snuggle up in your comfy armchair with a book, catch up on the new episodes of your favorite TV show, or hang out with your friends for a few hours and enjoy a break from your frenetic lives. In fact, no matter how spacious or tiny your living room is, you have the right to sit back and savour a moment with yourself and the important people in your life: yes, you do, even if you live in a small apartment in the middle of the frenzy of city life. How? Let's take a look.


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Light, light, light!

The first thing you need to make your living room your private heaven is… light! Of course, we all know natural light is the best: a room flooded with sunlight instantly looks more open. But at night we do not really have this option, do we? The first thing you can do about this is making sure you use predominantly light colors: imagine the room is a white canvas, and all the details and the colors will follow once you furnish it and decorate it. Opting for white – any of its hues – is always a smart choice. Then you can add even more brightness by hanging a light from the ceiling. Why? Because it won’t take away any of your precious space on the floor. There are countless different models; we suggest you choose one that stands out: in a small living room, every tiny detail is essential.


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Get comfy

The next thing you need in a living room is something that makes it comfy – but not only that: you need a statement piece, something that will add to the personality of the room. So, what’s our solution? The timeless chaise longue. This stately piece of furniture is the perfect compromise between the sofa and the armchair: you can lie down and stretch out as if on a sofa, but at the same time, your chaise longue won’t take up all the space a sofa would. Plus, not only you can choose between dozens of different styles, but you can also create your own, by trying your creativity with a modular chaise longue. 


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What are you watching tonight?

So, we have defined the light of your living room and cut out a comfy place for you on a state-of-the-art chaise longue. Chances are, you will probably end up (binge-) watching quite a few TV shows in here as well. Here is a practical yet stylish solution: minimalist open shelving units hanging from the wall.


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The shelves being off the floor will save a lot of precious room, and being so slender they will trick the eye, making the wall look wider than it actually is. These are not only the ideal support for a flat TV screen, but also an ideal storage solution for books and other meaningful items, such as designer candles to warm up the atmosphere. 


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If TV shows are not your thing…

If you are not planning on putting a TV in this room, but are a voracious reader instead and reading is all you plan to do in this room, then you may want to take a look at this article with suggestions on how to create the perfect reading nook. 

Having guests around?

But one of the joys of a living room is welcoming people in it! Don’t worry, you can still have guests even with limited space. Our suggestion is to avoid getting a large sofa if you have an extremely small space to work with: it might end up taking up half the room. You can be creative instead: focus on a couple of low stools, possibly combined with a couple of large cushions in coordinated colors. This will give your guests the liberty of choosing exactly where they want to sit, and the atmosphere will be friendly and informal. Plus, you get to play with how you want your living room to look: you can make it look classic, edgy, or even playful. 


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Do I need a coffee table?

The answer is: yes. Imagine you’re hanging out in your living room with your friends, sipping a glass of wine to celebrate the weekend: what’s missing from this scene? A coffee table. Coffee tables are indispensable because you simply need a small surface where you can momentarily put a glass. Of course, you should be mindful you’re dealing with limited space, but that should not be an issue: there are hundreds of small tables that will fit perfectly well in your living room. And you can have fun choosing the material: why not try something soft, like leather, or a hard surface, like marble? 


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One last pro tip

By now, you should feel a lot better about your small living room: there are so many creative ways to add value and atmosphere to it! One last tip from us: do not overdo it with statement pieces. You want your friends to walk into the room and have their eye caught by one or two really original, cutting-edge pieces. If everything in the room screams for attention, your friends won’t really notice anything specific and your living room will look even tinier. Mind you, we are not suggesting you to be shabby when decorating your home! But keep in mind that sometimes less is more, and even more so when you decorate a small living space.


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