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2018 kitchen trends: Italian design by Lube

2018 kitchen trends are seeing one brand rising above all the others: Lube Cucine, and its impeccable Italian style.

The kitchen is the heart of the house: it is the place where the family gathers around at the end of the day, where the closest friends are welcomed to join the cooking of a meal, where sweet memories are created, to be treasured forever. How can it be that a mere room, with wooden cabinets, or stone cupboards, with some chairs and accessories, can become the creator of such an atmosphere? That is the magic that only the best interior designers are able to create: when objects become part of our history as human beings, and they welcome us home with warmth and intimacy. Lube Cucine is a brand that understood what a kitchen must be: a place of sharing, of joy and memories. Keeping in mind these philosophy, they work hard year after year, to create furniture that could enter people’s life and personal story. And this year, they did it better than ever.


If we were to describe the reasons of the success of a brand like Lube in three words, they would certainly be quality, design, and ecology. This Italian brand was able to open the year 2018 in the best way possible: as a trend setter for kitchen interior design, in Italy and in the world. The new catalogue by Lube Cucine was a great surprise, for it was able to combine a modern design with a timeless charm, that is typical of the Italian style.  The charm of tradition is rediscovered in the classic style choices, where the presence of craftsmanship skills really makes the difference, to crate pieces that recalls the flavors of the ancient values. The classic style in the Lube kitchens is expressed in a design that is able to combine elements with an antique and retro vibe with the functionality required by modern times. Furniture by Lube Cucine features the originality of modern designers and the elegance that can only be found in traditional forms.


Lube Cucine knows very well that the kitchen is the most vital place in a house: it therefore has to be good looking, time-resistant and comfortable for all the member of a family. The Lube modern kitchen models allow all the customers to recreate their own personal environment, customizing every detail of the design. Different shades of colors, combinations of materials and shapes will let your own creativity express without any limitation. That is what made this brand a trend setter for 2018 interior design. Featuring a contemporary and appealing allure, kitchens by Lube are able to make the romantic side of the furniture shine through, in order to improve lives and make people thoroughly enjoy their time at home. They use wood in its most traditional essences: oak, ash and walnut are combined and transformed into solid wood kitchens, with a range of colors, soft or shiny, that express the pursuit for versatility of this brand.


Let us take a look back at the history of this renowned Italian brand. Lube is a world leader in the production of kitchens and furnishing accessories. Founded in 1967, Cucine Lube, a 100% Made in Italy brand, has proven its value on the market for the quality of its products and the originality of its creatives. The tenacious commitment of its founders find its roots in the love for their products, made with passion and care, attention to details and finishes, always keeping in mind the importance of ecology and sustainable process. Today Lube Cucine can proudly state to be one of the first three Italian companies producing kitchens, and first as the number of kitchens produced each year. This podium is more than well deserved, since the past decades of hard work and customer satisfaction couldn’t lead to another path.  The range of products within the Lube brand allows any client to choose between modern and classic style kitchens.


Every piece by Lube Cucine is customizable in every little detail: with the support of wise consultants, you can personalize your kitchen by choosing the cabinet doors, the handles, the peninsula accessories, and everything else. The company has always put the needs of its customers first: that is what drives their inspiration, that is the reason why Lube can excel. Lube is able to always offer tailor-made kitchens; the changes and additions that make the products suitable for each specific kitchen, as well as the definition of the details, demonstrate the attention to the customer. The protection of people’s health and environment is fundamental for Lube: their designers and production chains always make sure to create kitchens with antibacterial raw materials, treated with environmentally friendly techniques. Ad hoc materials are carefully chosen for their antibacterial properties. There is nothing more important to Lube than its customers, the ones of the present and of the future.


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