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Oujuhui meeting in the Milanese offices of Casaitaliana

The members of Casaitaliana met with potential suppliers to introduce the 2017 online platform Oujuhui for the Chinese market. The founder, Wu Ruijun, explained what possibilities this opens up for future partners.

13 February 2018 204 0

The meeting of February 3rd, 2018, was aimed at presenting potential suppliers with the countless possibilities that come with becoming partners of Casaitaliana and specifically, selling high-end home furniture and décor on Oujuhui.


Our guests at the meeting

The meeting first opened with a speech by one of the members of our staff about the history of the company, from its beginning in Ravenna in 2000, to the opening of branches in China, to the founding of Casaitaliana in Milan and the launch of the online platform eurooo.com, that made the company global. By the end of March 2018, eurooo.com will have been fully translated into more than ten languages, thus becoming available to some of the major non-English speaking countries.

Wu Ruijun and Mattia.jpg

Wu Ruijun and a member of the staff

After this recap, the 2017 online platform Oujuhui was discussed. Oujuhui is a just-in-time home furniture delivery service that targets the Chinese market, selling luxury home products from countries all over Europe. It can be accessed both from the website and from the app, to meet every customer’s needs. But what makes Oujuhui stand apart from our online platform Eurooo? Oujuhui focuses on products that are ready to be delivered to the customer's door: this makes it a fast, easily accessible service  for dynamic people who already have a high-end house or apartment and are not willing to spend any time waiting.

The potential suppliers were explained the advantages of collaborating with Oujuhui: matters such as the necessary documents, transportation, customs and installation are all handled by Casaitaliana. All that partners need to do is having their products delivered to the warehouse of Casaitaliana in Peschiera Borromeo, and from that moment on, Casaitaliana will take care of the shipping, customs and installation procedures.

Wu Ruijun.jpg

The founder of Casaitaliana, Wu Ruijun

Moreover, as it was pointed out, currently in China there is no other company looking after the whole process from start, i.e. buying, to finish, i.e. installation. This means that at the moment there is no other service providing constant high-quality assistance with this process. Of course, this opens up to suppliers the prospect of opening a road for themselves in the Chinese market. It is a very tangible prospect as, according to Wu Ruijun, Oujuhui’s estimated revenue by the end of 2018 will be of a stunning 2 million euros.

This estimation is based on plenty of data and analytics that have been collected and analysed from the start of Oujuhui, and it is reliable because from its start Oujuhui has been receiving a vast and ever-growing appreciation from the Chinese market.


Alberto Erba, partner of Casaitaliana

The meeting also provided the potential suppliers with in-depth training on how to start collaborating with Oujuhui, and was followed by a Q&A section to give everyone the chance to ask questions or express any doubts. It can be a challenge to get companies on board with new projects and lines of work, but it certainly is a challenge that Casaitaliana knows how to tackle.

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