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Italian style -- Make your house classy the Italian way

How the high-end furniture brand Radice can help you transform your house into a triumph of Italian style.

13 February 2018 125 0

At least for the last few decades, there has been a definite tendency in interior design to favor urban-style pieces of furniture, characterized by lines that can be either fluid or extremely straight, but always clean, essential, to a certain extent even practical. Especially today, we love it when everything is organised, don’t we? We don’t know in which country we’ll be living tomorrow, we seem to be constantly fluttering between one job and the next, so it’s just as logical that we appreciate coming home to a place that’s the opposite of our lives: neat, tidy, decluttered.

AND STILL -- What if your home looked like a comfortable, cozy but still classy, elegant nest where you can forget about your worries and just feel the warmth of your safe haven? That’s what Italians love doing. Sure, they can handcraft the sleekest and smoothest furniture for your house...but they can choose not to. Because really, why shouldn’t you indulge in spoiling yourself? Let’s take a look at the Neoclassical creations by a quintessentially Italian company, Radice, and see if you don’t feel tempted to surround yourself with soft, voluptuous Italian-style master pieces.


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Dining in style

If you’re even a tiny bit familiar with Italian culture, you probably know that food is a fundamental element of the Italian tradition. But what makes food so critical for Italians is sharing it: in the eyes of a Mediterranean, nothing beats spending hours and hours sitting at the dining table, laughing with your loved ones, sharing memories -- and food -- with them. Imagine dining at this table, comfortably sitting on these chairs. Where can we start? First of all, notice how pleasantly the round, soft form of the chairs contrast with the shiny, sleek surface of the table. At a glance, we can immediately see that this brilliant combinations has been created with a foodie who equally loves company in mind. The padded, velvety chairs almost resemble a crossover with an armchair, making for the most comfortable dining experience. At the same time, the large table makes sure you can have a real feast together with your friends and family.


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Follow the Italian after-dinner tradition

You’ve had your long dinner with friends and family, and now you feel pleasantly full...imagine you’re Italian, what’s the next thing you do? You move to the living room for coffee! And again, since coffee is supposed to be enjoyed in company, you can’t place a shabby coffee table in the middle of your living room! Our suggestion would be, again, a piece characterised by sinuous and soft lines. What is striking about a piece like this is the skillful combination of wood, in all its warmth, and the glossy white surface that covers this table.


If this round table is not your cup of...coffee, why not try with a square one?

Should I sip my Espresso standing?

If you were at the counter of a bar in Rome, of course. But trust us, after a full Italian dinner you won’t be able to stand. Why not sit down on this majestic sofa? Any other sofa that had these proportions would appear gigantic, maybe even out of place in a regular living room. But not this one: because of its intentionally delicate and discreet colours -- cream, light walnut brown, this sofa is not going to steal away the attention from the delicious coffee you will have made for your friends.


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Be funny!

Remember, Italy is all about being merry and having fun. We firmly believe every room should have a lighthearted touch to it, and Radice knows how to bring that lightheartedness to you. Instead of opting for a solemn, traditional chandelier, why not go for a bit on an extravagance? Nothing says “lightheartedness” more than dozens of butterflies flying about!


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