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Office at home: how to decorate it with style and functionality

Having the office at home is not an uncommon thing anymore, but do we know how to create the right environment for it?

Working from home is getting more common every day: freelancers, web developers or small businesses are often based in people’s residences for logistic reasons, or simply because the workers finds it more suitable to their lifestyle. When that happens, it is very important to choose wisely the furniture of the home office: the space needs to be clearly separated from the rest of the house, but still be stylistically coherent with the home décor, and provide the main comforts of a regular workspace. That said, you need to take a few factors in consideration; in which room do you want your office at home to be? What ae the characteristics of your job? What could help you improve the quality of your working time? The answer to these questions may seem a little more complicated in a home office, but you just need to follow a few of our tips to make a perfectly functional working area at home.


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Define the space

A desk with a laptop and a chair are not enough to make a home office. Your work environment has to be created with your home: that means that you somehow need to separate that space from the rest of the house, define it as a different and separated area. The same way that we need to separate our private life and our professional one, we need to divide our office and our home. Looks like a tricky task? It actually doesn’t take much to define your home office as a delimited area. Choose some furniture that can harmonize with the rest of the home décor, but that has something different to it: a different shade of color, a new finish for the material, a variation of style. if you don’t feel like doing it, there is an easier way: place a panel, a screen, something that clearly separates your home office from the rest of the house. This trick could be a smart idea, also considering that you can move it, close it or put it away when it is not needed anymore.


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Be practical

We said that a desk and a chair are not enough to make a home office, but they are certainly indispensable. Especially if your job involves using your computer or laptop a lot, a practical desk and an ergonomic chair are fundamental for the quality of your work. Sitting on a chair for many hours straight is definitely not easy, even if your office is at home. That is why the choice of the seat is fundamental: it has to meet your own needs and tastes, but also be comfortable. It is recommended to choose chairs with arms, a high back and a stuffed structure: this way your back will have the support it needs. You don’t want to go cheap on this item: high quality materials and ergonomic design are important for your health and well-being, so it is totally worth it to spend money to guarantee yourself a healthy work space.


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You will need storage space

You will be tempted to throw all of your documents, calendars, post-its and papers just on your desk, but we all know that is a very bad idea. Your keyword must be: organization. Try to imagine your mother’s voice that yells you to tidy up your room when you were a teenager, and start following her advice now that you are a full-grown working adult – better late than never. All jokes aside, you need a piece of furniture that can help you organize the space better: it could be a shelving unit, a bookcase, a cabinet. This item can be of small size, since sometimes home offices are not extra roomy, but it has to be as practical as possible. Remember: being able to organize documents and papers will make you more productive and improve the quality of your working time in a significant way.


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A functional home office needs to be illuminated properly. The ideal position for the desk is next to a window, so it gets as much natural light as possible. But the world of home workers and freelancers is full of night animals: after all, when you can make your own timelines, you can choose to work at odd hours of the day, or during the night. That is why you need a good light design in your home office, that can keep you company while you work in the dark. There is a number of solutions that could work very well: a stylish table lamp on your desk, or a big floor lamp to place next to the writing table. Led light is highly indicated, and it could be useful to have a model of lamp that is adjustable, with an arm that can be moved according to your needs.


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Think of coziness too

It is true that a home office is a place to work, and not for leisure hours. But it is also true that, in order to be productive, we also need to be in a comfortable and cozy environment. So why not decorating this area with pillows and carpets? Not only these items will make your working hours more enjoyable, but they will define and give personality to this space, like we mentioned earlier.


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The personal touch

The positive thing about having to work at home, is that your office doesn’t look aseptic, cold and impersonal. You can make your home office speak about yourself, your job, your tastes, and even your personality. So, go ahead and choose something eccentric, something that maybe people who work in a company building don’t have. It could be anything: a painting, an artistic ornament, or a plant pot. In alternative, if you are among those people who think that every object in an office should have specific function, rather than just being decorative, hang a stylish clock on your wall. Chose it according to your favorite color, coordinate it with another piece of furniture, or create an appealing contrast with the rest of the home décor: as long as you make a choice according to your taste and personality, it will look great!



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