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Safe haven: create your comfort zone on your deck

Safe haven: create your comfort zone on your deck

Spring is getting closer: forget your beloved fireplace, it's almost time to move your safe haven outside!

Yes, we know: spring is still a month-ish away. But chances are, once spring does get here, you’ll find that all of your patio rattan chairs that you left outside all through the winter are slowly but surely falling to pieces. And what about that sad, old plastic table you’ve had for years but that for some reason you’ve been keeping around until today? Don’t lie, we all have a table like that stacked away in some dark corner of our basement. So, since the early bird catches the worm, it’s just smart to start right now to collect some ideas on how to style our patio.

Be shady!

Being shady might not work too well for your social life, but throwing some shade in your backyard is mandatory if you want to enjoy some well-deserved relax in the springtime and during summer without boiling and possibly turning into a lobster. So first things first, it might be a good idea to get an awning to protect yourself from excessive exposition to sunlight. You love sunbathing? Well, you should consider that your patio furniture may not: intensive exposition to sunlight can deteriorate the material and the colors will gradually become more and more bleached. The good news is, you can choose between hundreds of awnings! For instance, if your backyard is not that spacious, you can opt for a retractable patio cover system, which by the way is a great solution if you do want to sunbathe every now and then. Although aesthetically, a good, old fixed patio awning is hardly beatable. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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Is rattan out?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Rattan will never be out. There is something about sitting on a handcrafted chair, made entirely out of natural material, that is priceless. Of course, you need to love that country vibe rattan has in order to appreciate it; what we’re saying is, if you do like it, then go for it! Life is too short to not follow your heart.


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What if I want to take a nap?

We’ve got you covered. Because if there is something that can’t be missing from a patio set, it’s at least one deck chair. The first, most important quality a deck chair needs to have is comfort. Everything else -- colour, shape, material -- is still important: after all, those are the first features that catch the eye. But imagine lying down on a beautiful chair, only to find out it’s extremely uncomfortable! So, when choosing a deck chair, the first thing you want to do is paying attention to whether it looks comfy or not; everything else can wait.


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Stop and smell the roses

You’re lying down on your deck chair. Wouldn’t it be just perfect to smell the sweet fragance of fresh flowers? After all, you're outside, in your garden: the smell of flowers completes the whole scene. Well then, a flower pot is what you need. But not just any flower pot: we recommend something fun, playful, like this one. With its delicately green, shiny, and perfectly polished surface, it will bring serenity to the patio, helping you restore your own harmony. In fact, it's such an aesthetic object that you could very well use it by itself, without adding any flowers to it: you'll notice how the opening for the flowers has been smoothed up to absolute perfection, so that in the end, this flower pot does not appear like it's missing any flowers.


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Summer dinners

How lovely is it to enjoy a dinner outside on a nice summer night? What we need is simple: a table. Depending on how you feel like styling your patio, you can opt for something more traditional, with a country feel to it, that would go well with your rattan chairs: a solid wooden table is traditional but never old.


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If tradition is not for you, you can try and spice your deck up a bit with something less static and way more dynamic: an outdoor dining table like this is made for active, dynamic people and it’s guaranteed to never bore you.


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And finally, if you’re daring, you can choose to go over the top with a luxurious combo table! A combo table is actually the quickest and most practical solution: why worry about what kind of chairs will go well with that table if you can get a full, matching set all at once? This one in particular is even more clever as it combines a table, a comfy round bench and a shade.


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One last touch of style

Well, it goes without saying that a patio is the best place to be not only during the day, but also at night. Even now, when it’s still quite chilly -- some would even say freezing, it can feel really nice to sit outside, holding a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands, and have a moment all to yourself at the end of the day. But you can’t do it in complete darkness! You don’t need many lights, a couple might just be enough. But in our opinion, if you’re planning on just using a couple, you should go for something striking: always bear in mind that light shouldn’t just be illuminating your space, but enhancing it! This way, your patio will stand out of the crowd 24/7.


"I saw the light!": thanks to Inverlight, you most certainly did

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